Asphalt Drum Mix Plant: 20-120 TPH

Thermo drum Unit of entire plant is the real heart. It is made of a Rotating cylindrical steel drum Mounted on 4 – Trunnion rollers on a robust chassis on legs for vibration free rotation. Drum function is in 2 parts heating zone for aggregates heating to desired temp by numbers of internal cascading flights. A high-pressure oil-fired burner is mounted at feeding end & flame and hot gases heat aggregates by radiation, Convection and conduction heat transfer process. Lower half portion of drum is mixing zone where in hot liquid bitumen binder is sprayed in specially design J-shaped Flights Thoroughly mixes heated Aggregates By fully Coating Bitumen and Produces homogeneous Mix. A rotary discharge rotor at the drum end discharge out mix material on to load conveyor. Multicone cyclones and exhaust fan with stack is also mounted on the chassis at lower end. electronic, computerized control panel controls aggregate gradation control, bitumen % control & final Mix temperature as per MoRTH specifications.