SIDHARATHA Launches a Continuous Flow Single Drum CF Dm-plant With Newest Technology Of Counter Flow Heating Of Aggregates And their Mixing With Bitumen in the Same Drum.

The Main Advantage Of this Technology is energy saving by less Fuel Con4s5u0mpmtiXon2.9a2nmd/ m2HinPiXm4uNmose. m= 8isHsPion Pollution than in ConventionalPar6a0l0lemlmFloXw24Dmtr-/P5HlaPnt

In this Plant, Burner is Mounted at the discharge end of 0.5HP thermodrum. A long nose burner through mixing zone of drum extends to the point After bitumen spray. Flame or hot gases 45X45mm Produced there by, never come in contact with bitumen or mix material and that is why1HnPo blue smoking of bitumen occuves which otherwise, damage binding characteristicks of Bitumen in mix produced by p60a0ramlmleXl fl16omwttr.ype plant.

Heating zone of drum and bitumen mixing zone is re-designed with internal flights functions with respects to their new location and function

With Rap Ring) 1800/8500mm (With Rap Ring)Drum Exhaust gases without any bitumen particles are now suitable 12.5X4=50HP (Total 4nos) 15X4=60HP (Total 4nos) to pass through a bag filter and valuable dry fines can be used / 50HP 60HP recycled in the plant.

Water spray venturi type pollution control can be customers optional choice to save initial cost of plant

RAP adding Facility is optional.